New Year’s Eve is the most fascinating and magical period of the year when all our dreams and wishes are come true. Undoubtedly, those who are usually waiting for this miracleare kids. Here in Kazakhstan, we have a good tradition to greet children with disabilities and from low income families and  employees turn into Santas and trying their best to make the dreams of unique children come true. This story is about how it all happened.

«HCB Kazakhstan Santa Claus Service» starts preparation from gathering children’s wish letters with the help of volunteer club «Club Dobryakov». By the way, the members of this club support people, who are in need on volunteer basis. Within our collaboration, “Club Dobryakov” communicates with the parents of children and collects the letters with their full-hearted wishes. Once we receive the letters, we set a Christmas tree, usually organized as an installation, carefully place the letters and the photos of children  and hang it on a Christmas tree. The green symbol of New Year placed in the office in coffee-room, which is a pretty high-traffic area. That is made on purpose to make every passing Santa candidate see the Wish Tree. Because of a good location and, of course, responsiveness of our colleagues, the letters are usually swept just within an half an hour.

The next step is purchasing. Depending on the cost of a present, one person buys some gifts and several colleagues or even a whole department sponsors some. Letter holders are always very careful in choosing gifts: they not only search for stuff matching the demand, but also make sure this is exactly what a child is supposed to get. Especially if we talk about clothes or shoes. Besides of that, the list of wishes usually includes toys, bicycles, scooters, baby carriages, some specific orthopedically wear, educational games, gadgets like smartphones, notebooks, slate and others

After the presents are prepared and packed, they are delivered to the place where they should presented.

Finally we started rewarding children for being good the whole year. Honestly, the impression of those children was priceless. That moment was a key point of us doing all these charity actions. In such moments, you realize how happy you can make a person just with a simple effort of kindness.

The thought that not only our clients are happy because of our colleagues are driving us to make everyone around us happy.