Once upon a time well-known physicist Albert Einstein wittily remarked that the person who risked to push his way out of comfort zone will understand that it worth it’s salt. In modern realities people are searching for permanent ordeal. They challenge themselves to change their jobs, go into business or to lose weight.

Now the standard run is no longer something outstanding for them. So, in order to take a new challenge more and more Kazakhstanis are discovering "Trail running", i.e. running in wilderness, which is complex with its different landscape. It overrides running in the smooth "Stone jungle". Owing to the absence of exhaust gases, dust and toxic elements in the wild, this kind of running is also much more useful than "asphalt" runs.

In Kazakhstan, the Trail running has been successfully promoted by "Home Credit Bank" and "Extreme Athletics" social organization for the second year in the framework of Home Credit Tengri Series marathons. Trailmarathons such as Home Credit Tengri Ultra, Home Credit Tun Run или Home Credit Irbis Race became popular among not only locals but also foreigners who want to test their strength.

For our readers we have selected TOP 7 life hacks from the trailrunners of the Home Credit Tengri Series.

Life hack No.1. Choose short distance
Helena Hradilova (Czech Republic)

Helena Hradilova - businesswoman from Czech Republic took part in the race Home Credit Tengri Ultra for the third time. The girl started with a distance of 15 kilometers in 2016, and now she is able to overcome 35 kilometers of rough terrain.

Initially, the fabulous landscapes of Kazakhstan lands in the photos of the very first Tengri Ultra race attracted her attention. Because, as she says, there are no such beautiful landscapes in Europe as in our country.

«I really like the Ili River, nature, landscapes, variety of landscape. There are steppe, hills, canyons, rivers, rocks, even a small desert! Moreover, the weather decides what the race will be next time. Every year, returning home tired after the race, I feel a full of energy in me at the same time. The energy taken from the marathon.

If I talk about advises, the race at a distance of 15 kilometers for a beginner with little experience is a great option. Do not forget that you should definitely prepare in advance, as the knowledge of routes and the ability to run on the mountain terrain can help for successful completion of the race»

Life hack No.2. Prepare for the marathon
Pedro Castro (Spain/ Kazakhstan)

Another marathon runner, a teacher of Spanish in Kazakhstan Pedro Castro thinks that participation in the marathon in the highlands needs good training, as this is fundamentally different from the usual urban race.

«It takes more than 10 hours to run such race. It is 10 hours, when you do not sleep, do not eat properly, and all the time you run or walk – because there are places where it is impossible to run, well, or crawl, because you have no strength. Continuous training in the mountains is necessary. You can even engage a coach who will help you estimate your physical condition, set a goal for the race and teach you how to run correctly. In addition, it is important to be used to the weather, as at the height of more than 2000 meters you can have short wind.

Remember also that the asphalt marathon runners, who do not go to the mountains, will not master the ascents and descents, as they used to run on the even land. The climber or mountain tourist who does not run, but just goes up and down, will not be able to run this distance without running training».

Therefore, before such race it is necessary to get acclimatized - go to the mountains to the same height. I would like to add the phrase of one of my coach: "You need to suffer on training, then to get high at the competition».

Life hack No.3. Check the race route
Mayram Koshenov (Kazakhstan)

According to businessman and fitness coach Meyram Koshenov, it is necessary to see the route before taking part in the race, because knowledge of the race is important for successful completion of the race.

 «Сarefully check the route of the race on the map and visit this place previously. If you cannot find the place, you can always ask from someone who is familiar with the route.  However, personal experience is always good, because nobody will say about his or her secrets.

It is necessary to know the location of feeding stations, time of staying at these feeding stations, the weather forecast for that day in different places of the race, if the distance is more than 50 kilometers since the weather conditions may vary. Same goes for the height. You need to know the amount of water and food to take with you, approximate running time. Make information for your fellows».

Life hack No.4. Make sure that your outfit is good enough
Mikhael Dolgyi (Russia /Australia)

Runner Michael Dolgyi with good experience, who lives in Australia, thinks that good, comfortable clothes, shoes and properly selected backpack is important as well as physical training.

"Experienced participants always advise to check the outfit before the start. It is important that the flashlight is properly working and the raincoat does not get wet in half an hour. It is better if something remains unused than it will not be enough.

Some runners wear new clothes or shoes at the start and eventually got calluses or feel uncomfortable. Because it is better to visit the mountains beforehand in the same T – shirt, jacket, cap, which you are going to wear in the marathon in order to understand, whether it is hot, cold or comfortable in these clothes.

It is necessary to wear thermal underwear, wind-resistant jacket and take a pair of socks with you in case ones get wet. You should also pay attention to the raincoat, if it is not breathable; you can get sweat, and got cold at a temperature of +5 degrees on the col.

So, make sure that the clothes will be comfortable throughout the race. The temperature can vary at the time and different distance and height.

Shoes must be comfortable and properly chosen. Beautiful shoes better not to wear. For the mountains, you should wear a high quality and comfortable shoes.

And don’t forget about water at least a liter and food and snacks».

Life hack No.5. Set your mind on positive result and… relax
Ainur Kaparova (Kazakhstan)

Journalist, producer and Coach Ainur Kaparova said that it is better for girls to wear tight pants or long leggings, as on the route you can face to trails with bushes or other plants that can injure. It is also important to protect against insects. Do not forget about sunscreen, sports sunglasses. In addition, it is important to manage your weight, not only during or before the race, but always.

 «You can feel uncomfortable for each extra pound while running as well as at the off-road. Before any trail race, you should workout in the mountains for several times.

You need to sleep and rest well before the race. You should not starve or overeat as well. If you start early in the morning, the night before you must have a light dinner, go to bed early and oatmeal or banana with dates for the breakfast. It is necessary to drink water during the whole race. Remember! If you want to drink, then it's too late, because the body is already dehydrated.

If this is your first cross-country race, then do not forget to also just enjoy everything you see on the road.

As a rule, the organizers choose routes with beautiful scenery. So take your phone, free up memory for photos and take photos. After all, don’t you think that the first race will bring you a prize? Then just enjoy the emotions and nature!

By the way, this is the easiest way to abstract you mind from the distance. It is hard to run and think all the time about how much you have ran and how much is left. Well, smile, meditate, reduce the noise of your thoughts and put your positive mood louder!»

Life hack No.6. Believe in yourself, as your family and friends do!


It is also necessary to mention that the employees of "Home Credit Bank" are regulars of the Tengri marathon series and they are happy to share their experience with readers. One of them is the employee of Risk department Roman Gorbatenko:

 «Every Tengri race is unique and each has its intricacies and difficulties. So, for example, in the snowy mountains at Home Credit Irbis Race vertical raises will expect you, and at Home Credit Tengri Ultra – a glaring sun. But always, wherever you are, remember one thing.

You can train days and nights, buy expensive professional clothing, but anyway while running you have thoughts: What if I am not trained well enough? What if I missed something, chose wrong shoes? Maybe it's better to stop and turn back, try again next year? In such moments, it is important to make your main motivation faith of your family and loved ones.

If they could believe that you can do it, then you also have to believe it! With this attitude and faith, I have run all marathons, in which I took part, and I have never let down the expectation of my family and loved ones!

Try to always remember that the faith of others makes us succeed».

Life hack No.7. Pleasure must come first! One of the organizers of the races Home Credit Tengri Series Vadim Vinokurov also pointed out the importance of pleasure in trail running:

«The main thing to remember is that you came to the competition to relax, enjoy nature, and rest from the urban fuss. Trail running is so beautiful that it gives you complete freedom of movement in space, a sort of "running creativity". The community of people who are interested in this sport is also great; I think they are the best people in our world. They are open-minded and honest. No matter how you perform at any start, no matter what is the result - good or bad, it is not such important as pleasure from the process. Always remember this!".

A source: www.nur.kz