Natalya ALEXANDROVA, Sakha

Representatives of 39 nationalities at once work in one of the biggest banks of Kazakhstan which is Home Credit Bank! According to the banks employees this is not only interesting in terms of celebrating national holidays, learning of new traditions and cuisine but is also beneficial for work environment.

Analyst of the Risk Innovation Administration of Risk Department Natalya Alexandrova came to Kazakhstan from Yakutia and she observed that a multinational team contributes to positive intellectual and cultural development since all national and religious holidays are celebrated within the bank and employees can share their cultural traditions with each other.

As shared by Natalya: “I enjoy travelling and would like to visit many countries.  By working at the bank I can also learn more about a certain nationality and study their language. Despite that we differ by nationality or country and have various traditions and religions we are all united by one common goal- to develop all aspects of Home Credit Bank operations”

The analyst shared experience of celebrating the New Year at Home Credit Bank which was not celebrated just once a year but was held several times per year and became a joke among employees.

 “We celebrated New Year in February as we were waiting for the management return. Prior to this we have already congratulated each other with Christmas in December and then celebrated Chinese New Year, followed by Korean New Year. After, we celebrated Uyghur holiday where we had a taste of Uyghur national cuisine. Having celebrated New Year in February, we then had a spring holiday- Nauryz and now waiting for summer” - said Natalya, as in Yakutia where she came from, New Year is celebrated in summer and thus it would be her turn to treat colleagues with national delicacies.  Meanwhile, Natalya wishes solidarity and peaceful skies to all citizens of our country and congratulates everybody with the Day of Unity of Kazakhstan People.

Elchin ALIYEV, Kurd

The Head of the Information and Communications Technology Division -Elchin Aliyev believes that national diversity serves as a foundation for success of any company

 “Every ethnicity has something unique to contribute to the common goal. It is a heritage of specific knowledge and skills, of various experiences and approaches which were gained throughout generations and contributed to our common work where we strive for better results. All of us at Home Credit Bank speak various languages with customers and we know how to find better approach in communicating with our clients” – explained Elchin.

Elchin congratulates people of Kazakhstan   with the Day of Unity which is a holiday that unifies all of the country’s nationalities.

 “Everybody understands that our wellbeing depends on ethnic solidarity in our country and due to this I would like to wish peace, prosperity, cross cultural understanding to everybody,” concluded Elchin. 

Artur MEDZHLUMYAN, Armenian

Head of Procurement Division Artur Medzhlumyan said that he learnt a lot about traditions and customs of other nations due to the fact that many representatives of various ethnicities live in Kazakhstan.

According to him, celebration of all national holidays brings people closer together since each ethnic representative treats colleagues with national delicacies and shares their culture and traditions.

Artur emphasizes that multinationality promotes tolerance among people and wishes solidarity, friendship and prosperity to our country.

Kamila TAGIROVA, Ingush

Cheerful and positive Kamila Tagirova is a Senior Specialist of the Cost Control Department.  She believes that cultural background of each national can positively contribute to the work of the whole financial organization such as: “Kazakh hospitality, calmness of Koreans and energy of Caucasian. For example Kazakh hospitality helps to promote more customer oriented service. The Kazakh people are known for their generosity and so we are striving for clients comfort in our bank. We treat everyone with great respect”.

Kamilla also respects traditions of other nations, their customs and national cuisine and always makes baursak  for Nauryz celebrations and treats her colleagues with Ingush national cuisine- chepalgash flatcakes.

 “On the Day of Unity, I would like to wish prosperity and Caucasian longevity to   each family of our big country”said Kamila.

Kiril BACHVAROV, Bulgaria

Director of the Marketing Department Kiril Bachvarov came from Bulgaria to Kazakhstan four years ago.

“I had no idea of the country which I was going to work or whether it will be easy for me or on the contrary, difficult to adjust to local customs and culture. I am happy that everything turned out to be much easier than I expected.

  “The legendary Kazakh hospitality helps to forget that you are a guest and very soon you start to feel as if you are at home. And yes, kazy is really delicious,” says Kiril smiling.

According to Kiril, the representatives of many nationalities work at the bank.

“You can hear ‘nema za shcho!’, which is ‘you are welcome’ in Ukrainian, in reply to ‘rakhmet!’, and no one will be surprised. I would like to wish peace and prosperity to all Kazakhstanis on this holiday!”


The National Day of Unity is one of the most important holidays in the country. This holiday distinctly illustrates that solidarity and friendship among representatives of our society are not just mere words and bank employees are an obvious proof to this statement.