Hello! My name is Nazerke, I'm a newcommer in Home Credit team. I have been working as a call-center operator quite recently. Today I'm in charge of the home page of Home Credit in Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/hcbcareers_kz/ :)

#1. I remember the first time I came to the office of the call-center for an interview and immediately fell in love with it:  it's stylish, cozy and somehow home-like.?


#2. Here  I go to my first training to learn more about Home Credit and my work.

#3. There is a lot of information, but it is interesting! I learned so many useful things for myself.

#4. I practiced to take the first virtual call, and my colleagues have been in the role of my clients.

#5. While we have a break, I'll visit the recreation rooms. The first room looks like the cabin of the ship, everything is made in the naval style. ? 

#6. In the second room, my colleagues do yoga.

#7. Mmm ☕️ I’d rather drink a cup of coffee in the dining room. I feel like in a city café ? 

#8. Positive office −positive me! ?

#9. After dinner we talk about customer-oriented approach, it's super important in Home Credit! ? 
#10. Tired, but happy, I go home. The day is over; my lovely job is waiting for me tomorrow! ❤️