Probably, there are no more disputes on the topic of the CV, than to post the photo in the CV or not.

To be or not to be?

Let’s suppose, you decide not to post a photo. Usually, the explanation of this act is − the employer should evaluate my professionalism and not my appearance. You are absolutely right! But on the other hand, most of us are visuals, that is, we perceive information through visual images and photographs better. It turns out when viewing your CV with a photo, the employer will associate your photo with the experience and skills that are indicated in the CV, and he will have more clear and memorable picture. Therefore, the chances of being seen among other candidates and ultimately being invited for an interview become better.
Another argument in favor of a photo in the CV is the use of the Internet when searching and checking candidates. In most of big companies, recruiters check candidate accounts in social networks and other Internet resources before inviting him for an interview. So, most likely they will see how you look anyway. Then, it does not make sense to hide.
We can certainly list a lot more "for" and "against" to the photo in the CV, but in our opinion, the photos in the CV should BE! Anyway, the choice, of course, is yours!
If you finally decided to attach a photo to the CV, try that it bring you benefits, not harm. Not always, you really can and should post a photo in the CV where you like yourself the most.
So, below we offer you a list of tips for choosing a photo for the CV, as well as the most common mistakes from which we will save you:

A photo must meet the purposes

A photo from a holiday or in a pub will tell more about how you like to relax than to work. A photo in the home environment on the background of wall carpet or tile in the bathroom also will not add anything to your business image.

One and only one

Do not attach photos where you are pictured with friends or on the background of strangers. Such photos are very distracting from your personality, and sometimes it can cause misunderstandings. Perhaps, an employer will be waiting for a completely different person for the interview.

Too much beautiful

Do not seek to surprise the employer with your beauty and individuality, if only you do not send a CV to the producer center or model agency. It’s better to choose a portrait photo of business style as for the documents.

Look here

Fashionable photos # likeidon’tlook  are good for glossy magazines, but not for a CV. There is no need for theatrical postures and a thoughtful expression on your face. Look directly into the camera openly and confidently - it will create the impression that you are confident in your professionalism and ready to face the employer in the interview.

Too much gold

An excessive number of accessories is usually girls’ sin, but there are also some guys, for example, representatives of rap culture who don’t mind decorating themselves with heavy chains. For both we give one advice – go easy on accessories, especially avoid sunglasses or other objects that prevent from seeing your face.

First impressions are half the battle

There are also many incidents with clothes. First, it should not merge with a white background or the color of your skin. At the same time, varicolored clothing, check shirts and T-shirts with prints or geometric patterns flicker before eyes.
Keep a balance with the items of clothes! You shouldn’t be overdressed - no windbreakers, jackets and head wear. Furthermore, it should not be too few items - tops on the straps, a deep neckline, transparent blouses and a naked torso should be excluded.

Remember what year is now

Your photo should reflect how you look now, not 10 years ago, despite you really want to be younger and more beautiful :)

No filters

Modern applications for photo correction are on trend as never before. They will give you both shine in the eyes and haze in the clouds. The skin color will be smoothed and tanning will be added. How is it all perfect, but alas, again not for the CV!

Do not use any correctors or filters. Do not create a false impression. At the meeting, the trick will be revealed, and the impression will be spoiled, and people may even think that you like cheating and you can’t be left with serious matters.


Smile, just smile...

And last but not least. Smile! Your sincere smile on the photo makes the best impression. Everybody loves positive people! Even if you are pretending for a very serious post, a smile will not be excessive.

Have nice photos! And we are waiting for your CV... with a photo :)