We had a significant event on May 20-21. We held a National conference Reload 3.0 with colleagues from all over Kazakhstan. We shared a strategy for further development and inspired them to be leaders of change.

Reload 3.0 concept reflects the fact that all changes must begin with yourself, and even the slightest self-improvement affects the team and transforms the business.

Reload 1.0: Reload yourself

What makes you think different way? What can motivate you to transform your consciousness and find new solutions?

We know the answer. You need to get out of the comfort zone and change the usual course of thought, and this was done in a very unusual form. We made a quest. Yes, We started the conference with the quest, rather than in the conference room with the speakers.

Reload 2.0: Reload your team

The next step on the way to transformation was to realize how important it is to be a part of the team and to understand your role in this mechanism. Here's a picture from our team spirit training exercises.

Our colleagues were in tune with each other, they performed all tasks together.

You can see the emotions of participants on the video and feel the atmosphere of the day.

Reload 3.0: Reload the business

Day two. It's time for strategy. When the first day was over, we moved on to business.

Here we were inspired by the stories of top management about their transformation and the further development of the company.

Our Reload 3.0 conference was a great!  =) Do you want to be part of a cool team? Join us!