Dear friend, have you heard about Start Smart with Home Credit?

It is authorial program of our Bank for training young professionals from their student hood.

Having successfully proved their focus on results in several preliminary stages, students pass a paid three-month internship in the company, after which the best of them receive a job offer.

We have prepared three different stories of the Bank's employees who are united by one thing — they started their career with the Start Smart program.

The hero of the first video story is Ayat - programmer, who came to the company from IITU two years ago. Ayat started the project on automation of development and testing processes at the beginning, and then he engaged in improvement of the Bank's mobile application.

Ayat told us what he does at work, how his relationship with his superiors is and how the company's employees see the world.

"The involvement of the head of your unit in your work gives me pleasure"

The second figure is Dana Raimbek – intern of Compliance service unit. Dana is the final year student of the University who balances her studies with studies.

She told us how she had known about the Start Smart program, why she decided to take part in the project and what she thinks about the corporate culture of the Bank.

"Very solid and friendly culture!"

The final figure of the video is Christina Saryeva — the head of Budgeting and personnel costs control division. As one of the first participants of the Start Smart program, Christina managed to grow from an intern to a head of division.

She told us why she chose Bank Home Credit as a starting point for her career, what is the difficulty of her first experience and what her plans for the future.

"In fact, it showed that if I want to achieve something, I will definitely achieve it"


Do not forget to leave your resume on our career page. Who knows, maybe the next hero of our video series will be you!

A source: The Steppe