Result orientation and go-aheadness are values, which our colleagues follow not only at work. We are always ready for new discoveries, and we do not afraid of climbing to mountain which top are above the clouds. Your willpower, strength and spirit will be tested there.   

Nothing is impossible for us, the main thing is desire!


We will not talk around preparation to mount, but get straight to the point - climbing to Amangeldi peak. By the way, our colleague Temirlan had an idea to conquest peak at 4001 meters and business team has supported him.

4th of August, 5 p.m., “Shymbulak” mountain resort. Our colleagues’ journey started from there. Five men (including experienced guide hill-man Ilyas Galimbekov) have participated in adventure.  

Left-to-right - Temirlan, Viktor, Askhat, Azamat.

«Tuyuk Su» mountaineering camp located at the very heart of canon has met enthusiasts with warm and dry tents, hot tea and heartwarming talks about spiritual values.

By the way, the camp is located at 2468 meters.

Talks are one thing, but safety measures should be followed. Guide has given climbing equipment for checking, because tomorrow they will trust their lifes to this equipment. After some theory, they have worn special clothing and started jumaring (note, climbing with climbing equipment - “jumar”).  


Their morning started very early. At 05:00 a.m. they were awake. Fast breakfast. Getting ready. In a half hour they were going to the Peak! The weather was cool, no clouds in spite of yesterday’s rain. It is great because rain would stop their journey. But, on that day everything was for their luck!    

Their first stop was on «Mynzhylky» weather station, after 10 minutes break they continued their trip. Ice-flows started baring their teeth.

After 45 minutes walk, they came to the top of Alpingrad – smooth grassy glade located at 3450 meters above the sea level.

Having admired the landscape, they moved ahead. Soft grassy glade changed to rocky mountain and their examination has started. High pressure and height made it harder to move step by step. Thanks to good physical training of all participants and following their guide, they made much headway.

It was well worth it. The view from there is grand.


They have reached! Only 30 meters left to final target - meters of smooth rocks. Yes, you cannot climb without climbing equipment: spot hand, jumar, carabiners, and cords. They have them and ready for final step.

«The hardest thing in mountain hiking is trust to people as well as to your equipment. Only thing you have is plated rope, piece of iron and passionate desire to climb as high as possible», - said Temirlan.

So, they did it. «Amangeldi» peak is under their feet.  

Home Credit Bank proudly raised at 4001 meters above the sea level.

Each of them has felt great emotions, boast of themselves and of brand, superiority complex. However, ethereal went away, because the way back was waiting for them. «90% of accidents happen while climbing down. Be careful!», - mentioned guide.


After having a bite, they started their trip to home. They climbed down vey fast and without incidents.  

«So, my friends, congratulations!», - told their guide Ilyas. This means that they have officially have won four-thousander top.

Our colleagues have shared with their inspiration. What stand out for them?

«Definitely it is real talks. When you can have conversation closely with your colleagues from other divisions, eat from one bushpot, sleep in one tent, share one snickers? It was good adventure, because any of them had not climbed this peak before. We are different, but the common thing is mountain and great desire to win four-thousander. It is also a huge experience of climbing and responsibility for each other, especially when walking bounded with the same rope, overcoming steep rocky cliffs. At such moments, indeed, the team becomes integral. We supported each other. I think that we will remember this journey for a long time", - Viktor Batrak shared his impressions.  

 "In fact, it was a well-prepared campaign. I liked that we spent the night in tents, were instructed how to use insurance equipment, jumar, how to walk over guard-rail. It really helped that the guide kept one pace all the time and not very fast. I have gained precious experience. Our team was strong and well prepared. It was very nice to get to know my colleagues, to talk. They are so kind and sympathetic", - commented Askhat Aidarbayev about his participation.

"I am very glad that I became the 4th member of the team climbing the peak of Amangeldy. Thanks to the coordinated work and support, this adventure was exciting and interesting. The guide's advice was very valuable, and his strict character helped us to win the mountaintop. I am also glad that I get acquainted with colleagues from other departments, shared dinner and learned from their experience. If somebody asks me if I am ready to conquer the next peak with this team, my answer will be definitely "YES", - Azamat Mahaev.

«The challenge I accepted was very significant. I realized that mountains shape a man in you. You overcome yourself, your fears, learn to believe and trust your neighbor. After reaching the top your view of life starts to change and any goal does not seem impossible. My heartfull thanks to my colleagues and experienced guide Ilyas Alimbekov, who helped us to achieve such challenging goals and come back», - said Temirlan and went to make a tea.

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