Yes, the chosen ones, no one else! A Call Center Operator job is very important. Listening to, understanding, loving and taking care of people is our job. Our colleagues are the best and the Bank always seeks for developing its employees.

We could tell you a lot about the well-established working environment, workshops, daily yoga classes, enthusiasm of our employees who can participate in various incentive competitions, etc. We could… But not this time! Because you can directly meet our colleagues – see their emotions and understand everything yourselves!

Meet the winners of one of the competitions in the best service, who have already visited a hot city of Dubai! By the way, every employee could take part in the competition regardless of their position or length of employment with the Bank. Today the travelers are sharing their impressions and emotions they experienced from the very beginning – participating in the competition – and to the end of their trip!

Askhat Abdibayev, Head 

– During the competition I felt being a leader, who could not only reap the fruits of his successful work, but is also responsible for each employee – both at work and abroad. I believe that a united team can help to achieve incredible results!

Duman Zhumadil, Operator

“I always knew that choosing this employer was my best decision!“

– I have never thought that the fortune would smile so widely at me one day. I was a bit shocked, I could hardly realize what had happened. I had never been abroad before, and I am really happy that my first travelling experience was possible thanks to the competition, my job, and my Bank. I always knew that choosing this employer was my best decision!

– As a specialist dealing with customers, I also liked the high service level in the Emirates very much. Did this trip have an influence on our work? Definitely, it did! The nicest thing was to see every employee in my department being happy with my victory, as if they had won themselves!

Aigerim Tussipova, Operator

...the job, which is 100% remarked, if done...“

– The news of my victory was a real eyeopener to me. I couldn’t believe I had won until the award day. It was my first travelling experience, and I am really happy it is related to the job, which is 100% remarked, if done. Visiting the White Mosque and Burj Khalifa Tower with a breathtaking view of the city were the most memorable events to me.

Magzhan Zhanabay, Operator​

“...most of all, I liked a breathtaking safari in the Rub’ al Khali desert...

– I am really happy I have won; I would like to say thank you to organizers and everyone who has invented this idea. I can’t believe I have won.

– I will remember this trip forever; most of all, I liked a breathtaking safari in the Rub’ al Khali desert. You feel excited while going along the desert by jeeps as if you dealt with various customers at work.

Madina Satybaldiyeva, Operator

– October 19 was my first day at Home Credit Bank. I thought some experienced employees would win, but it turned out that anyone could win. Thank you, Home Credit Bank, for such a unique opportunity.

In conclusion, we would like to add that a recipe for success consists of our values multiplied by soft skills and competencies of the employees.

Send your CV, join our team and it will probably be you who becomes the next hero of our column!