Nobody can help you with this question better than Head of Recruitment Department dealing with expert jobs - Olga Zharkova.

Can a student get a job with Home Credit Bank after a practical training in your Bank?

There is a program in the Bank for young talent development – Start Smart with Home Credit. We annually provide dozens of graduates with an opportunity to approve themselves while working for Home Credit. The young talents work on serious projects, solve real problems and defend their ideas for several months! If they show good results following the program, we employ them! Many our current managers have grown with Start Smart with Home Credit and are now bearers of our corporate culture.

What qualifications should an almost-graduate have to be employed by Home Credit Bank?

We cooperate actively with the youth having high potential, so called HiPo. We head in the same direction with those who like people, strive for making the world a better place, are result-oriented and want to develop together. In Home Credit we provide an opportunity for implementation of any ideas in the projects and professional development.

Which fundamental soft skills should one have to join Home Credit Bank?

We appreciate focus on results, innovation, fairness, entrepreneurial spirit.

In addition, we would like to note competences young graduates should have to appeal an employer, such as a proactive attitude, serious motivation to the job, tending to self-development, diligence and a wish to work, communication skills.

What are the conditions created there in your bank for disabled people?

Equal opportunities are our credo! We share universal human values and treat our employees equally while providing as comfortable working conditions as possible for everyone.

Our Call Center is completely adapted for physically challenged people. The doors and corridors allow for a wheelchair; there are extended workplaces, ramps, and specially equipped restrooms. By the way, we won a recognized award HR Brand Central Asia 2016 in the category Capital Cities regularly held by the leading recruitment web portal for the project in 2016.

We now have physically challenged people in the team and they have an opportunity to develop professionally together with us.

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